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Are you tired of always running out of time?  Are you spending enough time on what will grow your profits?  What's stopping you?

Imagine your business is self-sustaining, with a talented team and work processes that enable you to focus on generating profits. 

At Sharp Processes, we use lean improvement methodology to offer customized business process solutions, that guarantees you will save time and result in increased profits.  Contact us now to get started on work process improvements!

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  • Businesss Process Improvement and Process Re-engineering
  • Business Map
  • Best Practice Identification and Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Training and Development
  • Maintenance and Monitoring after implementation


"Sharp Processes enabled me to restructure my team using their individuals strengths, streamline our internal processes, reduce costs and remove unproductive time allowing me to create sales opportunities and expand our customer base".   RF-Sybil Transportation

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How and why would working with "Business Processes" impact my business, we don't need any for what we do?  

>We find large and small businesses are often react to a demand or change and do not have the time to refine how they are working.  Businesses today focus on streamling headcount and reducing costs so it is crutial to work efficiently.  That includes everything from your hiring practices, to how and when you execute day-to-day activities.  

The fact is, a highly engaged team gives you better quality work and supports your company's goals when they have great processes.  A great team gives your business the foundation it needs to grow or sustain the ever changing world of business.  Time and resources are critical for entrepreneurs.  Imagine what you would do with an additional hour or more every day!

How do you determine what your customers needs are?

>Unlike our competitors, we treat each client as a unique business and therefore use personalized methods to analyze your business.  Our business process solutions are based on what you currently have and where you want to be in the near future and how we will get you there.

How long does a business process consultation last?

>Ideally we would require an hour for a preliminary look at your business to review it's current state and future goals.

How fast will we see results?

>It depends on your needs; we've seen improvements in as little as 12 hours! 


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